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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Herein-Within : my first attempt on cheezy chapters

I can't believe I've found you..finally, in this cold city.
Living uncertainly for years, and now I'm alive again as if the first time.
Yes, I believe life can't be colorful without love. I have always believed in this.
And yet as much as my faith was, there remained a deeper longing.


Rather, a love far-reaching than just two souls
A union more moving than empty melodies

Calming me, with your sweet songs and your pure innocent heart
What do you know? But make me smile, and make me sing and dance.

Whether, you and me herein-within...
Such is my shelter in you, without fear.

A new, is friend, as all takes us in better form.
Bypass our past, and shadows gleam, for darkness has its way towards the light.
Ever wheeling my fortunes and delights.

End me. You steer me away from such melancholies.
Fancy you and me once more, herein-within, endlessly forever.


Carry me now, and swiftly...we'll reel our dreams.
For in your confidence I am safe.
In your love, eternally protected.

What light and strength have you whenever I'm dazed and unknown.
Thank you for letting me shine, for letting me soar and now,
light as a feather I feel free as your gentle wind blows me high....Serene and Lovely.


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