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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hope for the Modern Unrulies

Ode to the Humble

How truly intense...
And sometimes almost bewildering to me
One's poise amidst all wreck
Composure in those moments of solitude and even rage.

A stance which bespeaks of pure control
Or perhaps a-masking of those raw emotions
Intelligence and grace...modernizing our barbaric attempts to survive yet another race
Albeit in fits of treachery and betrayal
Or acceptance in the guise of today's so-called virtue of "professionalism"

What once was true kindness is now blotted with feelings of paranoia
And plagues of these depressed souls: just wanting to climb
up the ladder of their ever elusive heaven of success

But there is hope.

Check thy hearts from the indignant
For there must be reason behind all fancies
Must not thou feign emotion
For sincerity can never run amock,
As in the long crusade of the faitful

Now, faith in the minions of focus, dredging all distractions
Crucify thy lusts and prefer thy humility
For then honor comes to awaken hibernating delights -
The ferver of melancholies and drunkards alike is lost in the revelries of hopeful "bastards"
Whose angelic voices can finally evoke a teardrop
As they are freed from their self inflicted chains and pains

Finally... as though another breath of life has come to pass...

And the reward for delayed gratification has now come.


Blogger Nat said...

as a consequence of technology and industrialization, people of today are used to instant gratification. we have lost the ability to look beyond the superficial thrills of materialism. the digital age is truly of notable progress, but our spiritualism is being sacrificed in exchange.

this is an essay i wrote several months ago that may probably reflect what you're trying to say:


i like how you put your words together. you're a true poet, pammy (aka best poohks).

miss u.

- nat

5:39 PM  

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