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Monday, November 21, 2005

The glory of an orange

It is said that the glory of an orange is in its juice!
Cut open. Apply pressure. And squeeze.

Isn't it just the same with people?

With every calamity, a hero stands out
Under pressure, strong character is built
And in times of sorrow, hope is born

Truly, the glory of a man is found within.
Not in the shape of their nose, nor the color they hold.
Not on the teeth they bare, nor the clothes they wear.
Not on how much money they carry, or who they marry.
These things will never determine one's glory.

Glorious Glory is found within.
It is in the loving heart of one who cares and shares
It is in the precious soul of one who forgives and is forgiven
It is in the single-minded who pursues wisdom and understands
It is in the holy spirit of one who is determined to please the Lord.

The glory of men is like the glory of oranges
You have to cut, squeeze and work them under pressure
Before you see the innate beauty they hide within...
That glorious yummy kind'a goodness!

...That Glorious Glory of Oranges!

(inspired by yesterday's sermon in church)


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