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Friday, March 23, 2007

a time to pause

Life is too short to let things pass by.
Every second can actually be a moment you will never forget...
If you strive hard and look hard enough into the intangibles
it may make better sense.

But of course, you'll never know when it can hit you, just suddenly hit you -
that all these things that surround us are actually of no value.
Wealth, money, fame, career, well they may be good but is the race to win really worth it?
It may seem to be ... but until when will one race & up to what extent will one compromise just to win?

Battles of today's modern men are more complicated than it seems.
At the surface we take pride in our unending quest to succeed but deep inside
each and everyone's heart is a longing, a spiritual thirst...
Wandering, as if in a desert, as to where our steps really lead.

A question of life after death, perhaps? Or mere ramblings in our quiet thoughts.
Sadly, in the busyness of our daily business we ignore , or even choose to ignore the
call for enlightenment. I reckon that even for a moment, for that one second, we should pause. Just stop and reflect on the things that have become... so we can Quench the thirst of our spirits longing to be filled.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sad to say but its because of capitalism and secularim that has been influencing our modern society. we really need to work and work to survive....
gone are the old Greco days wherein they all have the time in the world (but at the expense of slaves)

naks, nasa crossroads ka ata pam ah =)

10:15 AM  

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