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Sunday, August 28, 2005

He who loved

they were oblivious and indifferent.

but the one man who cared stood out.

the parti-E-s and the booze did not matter.

he did not need them to be filled.

well, he looked like a hippie from days ago:
sported long hair and a looooong beard.
He was different alright but not because of these but because...

He carried a joyful heart.

It was something unsual, something the cold world did not understand
...such a man in this modern times as this?
Yes, it was 2005, But....

marked by his sincere smile and sweet loving eyes,
this man gave continously. He cared without expecting a return.
He spoke gently and was not impressed by the common things.
While the world craved for power, money, pleasure and all things of the self,
this man was satisfied.

It was a love from Jesus, a love that never runs dry nor gets cold.
This is more than brotherly love but a divine love.
One that is never found in selfishness but rather in truth and peace.

Don't we long to follow Him like this man who stood out.
It's time to make a difference for GOD!
It is no accident that we were raised at such a time as this.
And LOVE... the only weapon the devil does not have and we can use it!