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Monday, September 19, 2005

Haha! Finally found the poem, I was telling you about:

exhibit A: crumpled torn page of a cutesy notebook
dated: 2003 May 01

Grabeh ang buhay nakakatuwa.
Mga emosyong nakahiga sa duyan ng tadhana.
Ang daming kulay, paiba-iba ang ugoy.
Lumalakas ang kabog ng dibdig.

Kay bilis ng takbo. Umaga-gabi-tanghali.
Kanina. Ngayon. Kahapon. Ang noon at ang
hinaharap prang tubig sa ilog.
Malamig at kay bilis ng daloy.

Lilipas din ang iyong nararamdaman.
Sa oras din yan mawawala. Ngiti lang ang aking katapat.
Hay salamat.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Make it Happen!

I've been wanting to post this ironically profound-and-yet-funny-(funny to me)-Tagalog poem I wrote a couple of years back. It was interesting finding it again yesterday in one of my drawers. But, what do you know, it's once again nowhere to be found. Perhaps, another year of rediscovering would once and for all lay it out in the open.

And so, I'd like to continue this post with another topic altogether. Why not talk about the entrepreneurial spirit... Well, to explain this unusual urge, I just came from a panel discussion of sorts which attempted to determine, explain and describe where Singapore is at right now in terms of their collective entrepreneurship system/culture and I did agree with one of the comments from this Hong Kong local. He said that Singapore's system seems like a tight box where entrepreneurs are confined or trapped. With all the government support, or sometimes too much spoonfeeding e.g. financial assistance and the like, emerging businessmen tend to rely on subsidies and what not. Hence, considering that this "dependency culture" is rising, I believe it will be detremental for nurturing a globalized outlook for businessmen who tread upon foreign ground. Businessmen of this digital and globalized era cannot afford to shy away from the whole world of opportunities. It's all about risking, striving and working hard towards what you believe in, despite criticisms and jeers of unbelief.

Indeed, entrepreneurs are made and not born as some people say. But there is the crucial factor, the "entrepreneurial spirit", which is innate in every successful businesmaker. Whatever your profession may be, you may nurture this in-born gift. If you make things happen, if you're not afraid of risks, if you calculate your options and make wise decisions, if you ask a lot of questions, if you fight for the answers you believe in, if you propose solutions and opportunities to grow, if you dare make mistakes, and if you dare persevere in always bouncing back.... my, friend you have it and you will make it in the end.

Advice: Hold on to that dream and make it happen!