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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Economics? La ako masabi

Being raised in the Philippines and living in Singapore for 6 years now equips me with a multi-dimensional view of factors shaping economies. To date, the Philippines is still engulfed in what I fondly call “star politics” where the uneducated electorate determines their vote by mass popularity and plain showbusiness.

I am disappointed by the status quo and yet I look at the highly developed country of Singapore where corruption is at its minimum, where multinational businesses thrive, where development has been realized in remarkable rates of progress (a whopping speed of merely 30 years), and yet amidst all these...I see a people greatly under stress, fighting to maintain the top position and craving for freedom.

Will the next generation of governance live up to the standards? How can we achieve the ideal democracy? What is best for the economies of Asia? These are only a few examples of questions that run through my mind, in my daily musings about the highs and the lows of my surroundings.... Oh diba? *feel*