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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My Homy Hideout


~My Homy Hideout
This warm cubbyhole: my parking place
Seek some relief and endless solemn retreat
Behold me round your sheets of peace
Come hold your walls away from peeves
Mornings glitter sun-sparkling gold
Faint breath of mint spice up one whiff
Press night and day softly and gently as we kiss.

I don't exactly know why but this is one of those rare ocassions where I actually enjoy being alone in this tiny place (a.k.a. my room, my double room I share with Chaz my roomie; unit 1043) . I'd usually bounce off the eerie place of silence, leave the room, find some place noisy and crowded (because in such solid moments I can but speak). Yes.. hummmm a tune off my mind. (doo dooo dooot uhm... doo dooo dooo dooo dooo doo duhm --- ) Every second seemed like forever.

But staring blankly on the wall and stopping for a flashing sec, I actually feel refreshed in some strange yet lovely way. It's a funny feeling of fleeting thoughts and senses. Like the story begins with "Once upon a time I was a jumping jelly bean..."

I guess it's simply relieving that I got one task down. 301. (now checking it off the to-do-list) Here comes yet another one- 325. 402. 348. 423. Well, the stone just rolls like one eternal ride. But I stretch my arms with every turn. Some bumps, big bruise, no time to hide the pain.

Yet once it's all done, you sit back and enjoy the thump-thumping ride!
And...well appreciate the solitude in finding this tiny-roomie-cubbyhole home. This room's my home with pictures on the wall; there's cheese balls too and books cover them all. I simply love milo, i like them thin and hot. I have big pillows that dwarfs me in my sleep. I smile at my two-toned pink towel which straps a patch of colorful butterfly. I like the Ikea yellow light, the yellow sand-stuffed duckie and my bright sunflower pot . I fancy all the brights and grays: the dust and used clothes come one and all together. I can't help but tell you of my gypsy beads that hang like curtains in its silver glitz.... the music of all these things and other tales untold gives life to my heart beats and my sole day retreats

One deep breath.. and am ... am gonna fall asleep. I'd just go and stop this hummmming send you off to your own quiet and peace.
(doo dooo dooot uhm... doo dooo dooo dooo dooo doo duhm --- )

Friday, September 24, 2004

Chinese Sunbeams & Belly Feasts

Chinesee Mid-Autumn festival!
chinse sunbeams & belly feasts

Jostling through the mist of the dusk were some familiar faces & countless unfamiliar ones. Co
uldn't but notice the gleam in each child's eyes as they bounce on the dew and the green green grass. With lanterns of rainbow colors all candlelit, I couldn't help but feel a little bit Chinese. Surrounded by the Shaolins in such traditional twilight, everything's so distant so far away from my homy hideout...

Hey, but really the celebration at the Yunnan Garden was quite a unique night ~ al fresco, red hanging lamps, buffet, noodles, dumplings, lotsa chinese lanterns, ancient trees, ice cream and food! food! food! (that's the part that gets better) ...

What a relief after all the day's running about school... Actually I only had two classes for today. But you dunno how it can really get weighty when you start the day talking about media law and end it with some deep stuff on Adorno's 'enlightened' philosophies. It could either just bug you down or it can lift you up in some place they call uhn-light-uhn-ment. Unfortunately for today... or fortunately I guess, it's simply the first one that holds true. So yeah! I admit for a minute there, you would have actually chatted with madame numb brained or miss brain freeze.

... I sit here now all focused on such a reminiscient mood; simply on the brink of another day's closing...
I think overall it's been quite a fulfilling day (even if I didn't get any goody bags coz I was 5 mins. late for the Q; even if I did not win any prize in the raffle draw; even if that irritating ant bit my bellybutton and I figured how to kill her; even if I had to walk a thousand and one steps to get back to hall; even if...).

The Chinese mid-autumn festivals in school are one of the handful events I have and will look forward to. It gives me some strange ironic feeling of being far from home but still in some way close to it. The differences and the similarities blend in some mystical manner. I love the aroma of freshly cooked food mixed with the smell of dew. It's just so minty and indochine...

to make this long story short just drop by & have a glimpse of it:

Sorry my eyes are nothing but heavy so gotta rest this sleepy sweet head! Sunbeams and glorious dreams be with me and thine!