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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

~ Dreams Do Come True ~

I just finished watching the wedding of Survivor's stars ( & Amazing Race's duo), Rob and Amber... A dream come true indeed... (how I'd love to be in Amber's shoes: finding her perfect match and having her dream wedding come true! It's amazing!) Although, it was pretty obvious how stressful the preparations were because of their tight schedule, I think it was all worth it for the couple.

Behind the glitz and glam, no one can deny that Rob and Amber love each other so much... I got teary eyed watching them surprise each other and say their vows (especially Rob). It's so heart warming seeing two people in love. You just can't help but hope they'd grow old together and live faithful to each other forever and ever and ever... Deep down in my heart I also long for something like that: to one day wed the guy of my dreams and love him and our children for as long as I live... with God in the center of our relationship... That's when my fairytale begins...

Goin back to Rob and Amber...even if Rob plays the "tough-never-mess-with-me-I'll-mess-with-you-first" kind of guy, I really believe he has a soft heart... he's a true romantic, as Amber says. They fit their own puzzle perfectly. Besides, both of them are definitely irreplacable to the other, considering the unique experiences they've had together as a team, the places and the challenges they've been through in all those places, from Panama and to the rest of the world!

Now that these reality-tv babes are moving on as husband and wife, let's just wait and see their next move on the spotlight. Another game to play on tv? Or babies on the way? Who knows?! Watching Rob and Amber made me realize how exciting and unexpectable life can really be. You'll never know when you'll earn your first million or find your one true love! Life...you just have to live it. Make some right decisions along the way. Get up and never give up. Then you'll just be surprised that one day you've finally arrived and it can only get better!
May all our dreams come true!


P a M

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Peace be With You?

I'm on my way to Ikea to meet my high school friend, Brezy and I'm thinking that there's only 4 days to go and I'm leaving for home. Finally! P e a c e...

But come to think of it p e a c e is not a matter of place but more a case of the heart.

Whenever priests end the mass saying "P e a c e be WITH you!", I often think to myself that he should be saying "P e a c e be IN you!" instead.

P E A C E is something innate, one carries it everywhere... and its home becomes our hearts!


P a M

The Most Profound & Absolute Truth

The most profound and absolute truth I will ever know in my heart is this.

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
( Romans 8:38-39 )

P a M

Monday, May 23, 2005

As I search some old files, I find...

I've been scanning my emails lately, wondering which files to erase. I guess I can be very sentimental and actually don't like deleting files. But then again, I'm graduating soon, a new life, a time to scrap the old and look forward to better things to come. Below is something I've written eons ago, a file created on Sept. 2, 2003 at 5:55pm. --->

singapore skyline: a view from the esplanade

Amongst the wide array of food here, I've adapted to certain tastes, a handful I call my favorites. Mee Siam is one dish that eats into my Singapore life: a harmonious blend of spices, and sweet and sour delights.

A dash of sourness, lemon or lime, dishes out that distinct Mee Siam taste.

My life here is not free from such neutralizers. There are times when my Hello card stacks up my table while our phone back home rings a thousand times a day. It's horrible when you feel lonely and stressed about certain things. It’s normal to feel that way wherever you are. What matters most is never giving up, overcoming the situation and always depending on God every step of the way.

Regularly I reflect by the Nanyang Lake and there's no denying I get sentimental thinking about God's wonderful creation, which transcends mere landscapes of flowers and trees. Here friendships also blossom, and laughter keeps me grounded in places of "firsts".

Me, my big mouth and hands free cell phones: the first time I chit-chatted with a cab driver…he was not actually talking to me. The first day of my waitressing stint was also such a gag. Imagine being plunged into the dining area overflowing with people without training. My one time big time attempt to surf was also a bag of laughter because I remained stationary, and no sailing took place.

Eventually I learned to pull the strings and certain “firsts” were better handled: playing bridge, watching the world cup soccer fever with friends non-stop, eating chilli, making my first-ever video, strumming the guitar to Steven Speaks’ Passenger Seat, and organizing birthday surprises for friends.

Around here, they never fail to spice up each serving.

Adventures are around each corner of this garden city. I’ve come from witnessing two old men fight in the MRT (something I missed in the Philippines) to walking in the dark near flying bats and pioneering prayer-walks around campus to starting a sushi day with free manicure sessions for those under exam stress.

I often satisfy my sweet tooth, these are my honey moments.

For two years now, Singapore has been my second home where sweet memories are incessantly etched. One of my birthdays here was celebrated Singapore style: bubbles, sparklers, a Happy Birthday song in Chinese, a cake with my edible photograph, and a sumptuous dinner plus two original CDs of my fave Janet Jackson from close friends…People pass by from all over the world and I feel I’m studying in an international school as I’ve had classmates and professors from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Britain, Canada, America, Australia, etc… I also hold dear dance performances I’ve had with the university’s dance troupe. Hip hop moves I learned colored our first-ever participation in the international student’s week as Filipinos got down with Gary V’s Shout for Joy… Ultimately unforgettable was being meters away from Singapore’s hero, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in a Q&A session with students…I was also able to visit Japan for free by simply assisting a friend in an English contest held there …Amidst it all, it still boils down to one thing: sweet memories are friends close to heart. Being with dear people make playing volleyball, swimming in Sentosa, biking, karaoke, kayaking, or plain eating at Mc Donald’s a wonderful time.

These extraordinary experiences often make me feel as though I live inside a beautiful painting, the matrix of moviehouses, a simulacrum of some sort. Dried leaves here literally fall like rain, reminding me of the serenity of my campus. Amidst the chatters of birds, the fire trees and the occasional rainshowers and my country style dormitory, studying becomes easier especially for nature lovers like me.

What’s bad is I seem to grow fatter each day. Could it be the mee siam or the unbalanced diet from juggling food varieties as I go back and forth from Manila to Singapore at least twice a year? In any case, I am looking forward for more sweet and sour treats and spices of the Singapore life.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

new pix

My friend, Trish came for a one week visit.
Below are some pix of our escapades heehee!

Trish@sg #1

Trish@sg #2

Trish@sg #3

gals & guy(s) @ Chinatown:
pamcakes, angelo, trish, tita ena, and nanay Luisa!

Summer's sizzling & the temporary move to the condo @ Fort Boni is just timely!
I'd love to spend time with them there!
1st week of June is my much-awaited
Manila Comeback! So..stay tuned! *grin*

condo corner #1

condo corner #2

My lil corner waiting to be "pammed"!
Those sleepyheads are my bros. Cant wait 2go home!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dream Puffs

In the shelter of his lovely wings
I glide and dream away.

Behind those tender clouds of gentleness
He whispers.

A picture of a future -
so distant and yet so near!

I am cradled back and forth,
these are my memories...

of what is.
of what has been.
and of what will forever be.

I cry & dream away.

Monday, May 09, 2005

~For yall Animation Lovers~

Here's "Imagereel 2005"!

If you're in Singapore on April 14 & 15 please drop by the Youth Park! God is good and I was chosen to be one of the emcees for this 2-day event. I was willing to do it without remuneration but God, my faithful provider gave me a bonus anyhow.*I think he knew really need some dough to survive* So...I'm getting some moolah for this job! yay! Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

For more details on this national event go to

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


"Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon
Maibabalik ba ang kahapon? ...."

Ang sarap balikan ang nakaraan.
Itama ang mali.
At siguro'y ...
Harapin ang nakalipas na mga takot.

Ang layo na ng narating nating lahat
Iba't ibang alaala. Makulay: malungkot at masaya.
Ewan ko ba. Basta nakakalungkot isipin ang nakaraan.
Sobrang daming alaalang nasa puso ko.