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Thursday, April 28, 2005

~ A Chillin' Giveaway ~

What a cool cool coooooooooool day! It's raining now and the sky is clear & grayish blue. The gentle breeze reminds me of a lovely stroll in the beach. Apart from the occasional roars of thunder (which jolts me off my seat), I like the weather! It's a wonderful & cool afternoon.

But what's really cool is the "gift" I received today. I say "gift" (take note: quote. unqoute.) because it wasn't exactly a gift-gift. I mean I don't really know the person from which my "gift" actually came from. I'm sure I've bumped into her once or twice because we live in the same floor. But other than that her face is a blurry image in my memory, or come to think of it, I have no memory of her at all, zero. nada. zilch.

But thanks to her I have a new refrigerator in my room, FOR FREE! How did it happen?

Well, my boyfriend came to visit me in my room early this morning and he told me that 2 doors away are some freebies: a mini fridge and an IKEA lamp. Of course he knew this because apparently the owner just left the stuff by the hallway... sticking a post-it note to both items ----> "Free. Take it if u wan" the note said.

So there, I guess you know by now what happened. Well, I believe in the saying, "Don't let opportunities pass you by". Grab them! *grin*

p.s. On top of this "chillin' giveaway" I'm so blest because when I asked the hall office on how much I'd have to pay for the extra electricity. They said I don't have to pay anymore because the previous owner has paid for it already. It's just that she's moving out early.

Thank you Lord for my free fridge! I can cook & eat all I want now! Yahoo!

(I just came from the supermarket & brought back tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, calamansi, parsley, cheese, garlic, onions, and some muffins. They're now all stuffed in my new ref *big proud grin*)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

~ Nostalgia in the Air ~

I'm feeling a li'l nostalgic as I write. I guess it's mainly because my parents and my little bro went home already. My whole family went here last April 19. But JB and Mike, my two younger bros left earlier because of school. Today, after my oral defense, I brought Dad, Mom and Teo to the airport. I miss them now. It's really good to have family around. Although sometimes you can get into their nerves and they can also get into yours, family still sticks around (like glue)! It's the place where you can just be yourself, with all your imperfections and flaws, but still be loved anyway.

Thanks for the time you spent with me guys! I hope we could all be together! Perhaps, I can work in Manila or maybe you guys can transfer to Singapore. Well, let's see what comes... He'll lead us.

Thank you so much also Tita Ena for acommodating my family. Really thanks for your love, you're like a big sis to me.

Thank you also Nanay Flory and Dr. Maslog for our one night stay and merienda! Salamat sa pagaaruga!

For today two things basically amused me, small things perhaps, but they mattered much to me anyway.

One was the fact that my parents and Teo were able to watch my presentation and oral defense.

I thought they wouldn't be allowed inside the room but my supervisor Dr. Banerjee was kind and also acommodating! So there I was, presentating not only to my professors but to my family as well! I thought it'd feel pretty weird having family inside. I was afraid I'd suddenly remember a family joke or a family memory and end up bursting into laughter in the middle of the question and answer... or Matthew would go around prancing inside the room. But of course none of those things happened and Praise God everything went smoothly with God's grace and mercy.

Anyway, the second amusing memory I have of today, was how we gave our goodbyes in the airport. After a short meal, some picture-taking and a quick trip to the grocery we all gave our normal kisses, hugs, "manos" and goodbyes.

So there behind the glass wall, were me and Angelo. As they were queing up, we were incessantly waving at each other. Me, mom, Teo, Angelo and dad! And then after the short pause as they had their documents checked by the immigration officer, it was another series of continuous waves of goodbyes. It was the longest "waving" session I had. What stuck to me up until now is how my brother Teo, clang to me with a tight hug before they left saying so sweetly, "I'll miss you ate!". He was also the one most eager to give his goodbyes, waving teary eyed at me and Angelo. I'll surely miss my eight year old bro! Miss you Teo poy poloy.... *grin*

~~~ still feeling nostalgic ~~~

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

~~~ updates ~~~

I'm having my oral defense tomorrow April 27, 9:45am to 10:30am Philippine time. Please pray for me. Salamat!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

~~~ latest on meee ~~~

I'm finally down to my last paper (exam), as in THE last paper of my entire school life (well, that's if I won't take any masters courses). But for now, it really feels like such a release ... it's like I'm actually looking forward to THE day...this coming Tuesday! It's like THE end of it all...or should I say, the beginning of just about anything fo'me!

Anywayz, I feel like I'm this tiny fish coming out from the river and finally entering the big ocean. I donch know where to go though. You know the feeling when you just got a whole set of clothes in your closet and you're not too sure what to wear for that special evening....that's sorta what I actually feel. 'like there's a lot ahead of me, another new chapter in my book of life. But again, as I all too often find myself whenever caught up in crossroads like these, I'm just all the more confused.

They say "you just gotta be at the right place at the right time". The question is, how will i ever know it's THE RIGHT place & THE RIGHT time, unless i'm actually there, experiencing it! Hmph! The only thing that assures me is the fact that God won't let me down & that He has a plan for me. I just need to continously pray I be led by the Spirit...that if it's not God's will He'll put a hindrance upon it & if it's His best for me, everything will just flow smoothly!


I'm actually suffering from stiff neck as I write. It's really uncomfortable & irritating especially when someone yells at me from behind. I mean I have to turn my entire upper torso just to get a view of the person. Isn't that awkward and weird. Getting up from bed is equally taxing, it feels like my neck's being torn apart by something I can't see or like there's this giant tong, just putting on pressure on both sides of my neck and pulling my neck apart from my body.

But of course no one's to blame but myself. I was reading this book and rewriting my messy notes lying chest down with my back curled up in an awkward and (only now i know) neck "breaking" position. And the stiff neck's been here for 2 whole days now.

Well, I'm just hoping that by Tuesday,on that last paper I'm having, I wouldn't have to deal with Mr. Neck breaker anymore. As for now I'm coping...my dad just logged in yahoo messenger & gotta go and chat with him first! It's really nice now that they have the webcam, i check on them almost everynight.

Oh well, that's it for today! Have a good day!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Inquirer Online Feature...

Was surprised yesterday when I saw my pic in inquirer online...
It's been passed two months na kasi since I answered the interview questions. I guess there's really a lot of "blogger addicts" out there huh?! But thanks Joey! Check out the feature!


Friday, April 08, 2005

"Love Me If You Dare" it's not what you think it is...

Just recently we had dinner with Tita Ena and on the way back home, we had a bit of talk about Spanish and French films. Apparently, she was also into art films. I guess it's just very different when you watch these movies because they're not only a series of images with a simple narrative but they go deeper into your soul...or am I just being too dramatic about it?!

Well if you come to think of it, it's really true. I mean, these art films are very different from those Hollywood flicks you'd normally get, too commercialized, fancy and removed from the depth and realities of life.

What you'd get in art fims though are, well, art: the poetry in the script comes off as very natural, as if it wasn't there but hits you all the more anyway. Sometimes though the editing comes in the way, like it just makes u dizzy. Too much effort to be unlike Hollywood, I guess. But some, well most, pull it off very successfully.

I especially like "love me if you dare". That's one French film I love and am still counting. Last year, I came accross "Spanish Apartment" and it was also good.

The thing about these films, is that it gets you involved in a way and... I really like that. *grin*

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'M a ChIcKeN SuPrEmE PizZa!?

All I know is that I love Hawaian delights. I'm a pineapple fan actually when it comes to pizzas. But my number one pizza store has been and will always be Magoo's Pizza, Shakey's next for their Friday Special and Pizza Hut, well, for their Hawaiaan Delight!

Other than that all I can say is...if you've got a sweet tooth, I've got a sour one. I put calamansi (lime) on just about anything except pizzas (and whole lot more). I've been drinking lotsa ginger-honey with calamansi almost daily. My mom gave me this bottle of powdered ginger which I've ignored for a year until 2 months ago when I discovered it's magic. It's really quite refreshing, you should try it!...I like calamansi in corned beef,calamansi in fish sauce, bagoong balayan with calamansi and hot rice, fresh calamansi and fresh tomatoes in my sinigang or tom yam, and some more on my Vietnamese spring rolls. Gosh! I'm craving for those fresh spring rolls again.

Anyway, below is the result from the survey I just did. I was actually trying my luck on this Pizza Hut memory game which would supposedly win me an S$80 voucher from Pizza Hut, until I found out after a thousand attempts to beat the highest records that the contest was only until March 31. Whew! Nice try there...

Well, Am no chicken... haha! Well, whatever, they say.

You are a Chicken Supreme Pizza!

Be it spicy, roasted or ham, you love them all!

Just like your attitude towards friends,

you accept and love your friends for who they are.

You are also faithful to your family and friends;

someone who can be trusted and depended on.

One bite into this pizza and you'll love it for life!

Which type of Supreme Pizza are you?

Brought to you by Pizza Hut

Sunday, April 03, 2005

On a Sunday Eve, I write

These past few days God was impressing in me words like forgiveness, peace and faith. I guess I often struggled with the very nature of humanity...pride... the cause of all evil. Yup! I'm a proud li'l fella! or should I say I was, or I'm trying not to be.

Well, I've learnt to harden my heart and "protect it" so to speak after I've realized in different points of my life that there are mean people out there, people you can't trust and people who'll talk falsely about you, as if they know all too well the real score and struggles of your life. Those were the times and the people I dread.

But then again, if you really think and reflect on it, there's too much to lose when you get all caught up in these stuff: hang ups, unforgiveness, anger or bitterness... too much when you can't let go of that natural but sinful instict. Call it pride or selfishness?! They're all but the same. The joy it can suck out of you & the pain it may cause you... True, the devil wants to kill, steal and destroy. Should I let him? Should you let Him? Oh no! No! No! Not anymore.... It's time to stomp your feet and put on the armor!

My Lord has proven faithful, merciful and gracious to me all the way! And though I couldn't ever measure up to His Love, He has never left me, nor forsaken me.

Jeremiah 29:11 says:

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord,
plans to Prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future. "

I just want to thank God for the bright future ahead of me. Although I feel I'm in such trying times right now, I know that this is just a phase. It's the part when the mastercrafstman melts the gold in super-heated liquid, pound it and hammer it
... before he shapes it into a beautiful masterpiece.

May I pass the divine test of faith. (Lord help me!)
forgive & forget.
peace be with you!

Saturday, April 02, 2005


" I just want to sleep but cannot sleep!"