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Monday, November 21, 2005

The glory of an orange

It is said that the glory of an orange is in its juice!
Cut open. Apply pressure. And squeeze.

Isn't it just the same with people?

With every calamity, a hero stands out
Under pressure, strong character is built
And in times of sorrow, hope is born

Truly, the glory of a man is found within.
Not in the shape of their nose, nor the color they hold.
Not on the teeth they bare, nor the clothes they wear.
Not on how much money they carry, or who they marry.
These things will never determine one's glory.

Glorious Glory is found within.
It is in the loving heart of one who cares and shares
It is in the precious soul of one who forgives and is forgiven
It is in the single-minded who pursues wisdom and understands
It is in the holy spirit of one who is determined to please the Lord.

The glory of men is like the glory of oranges
You have to cut, squeeze and work them under pressure
Before you see the innate beauty they hide within...
That glorious yummy kind'a goodness!

...That Glorious Glory of Oranges!

(inspired by yesterday's sermon in church)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

waiting for my choice of balance

I can't breathe once again… the heaviness pressing deeply against my beating heart. Where shall I go? There are two paths and one may lead to destruction. But…who knows, it may not. I may never know.

Shall I try and fight? And risk once more? I've been here before.
But this time my heart won't win it all for I prefer balance.
The choice of balance relies on weighing scales: 1mind. 1 heart.1 soul.

Yet discount not the magic of fate, carrying us to wherever we should go.
Etching out my name in that mysterious palette of color & black & whites.
Of proverbial and woeful characters in my on-going storybook

The life plan of this sweet little follower is a spectrum of the candid & uncanny. Breathe me. Stop me from planning and making sure.
Oh sweet dependence of grace, slowing me from my rushing pace.

What a familiar place to find myself once more under the unknown.
This time I ain't crawling. I ran and I walked and I can keep steady.
Wait for me. I still need to discover my stronghold and infallible reliance.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


The filmmaker, like his fellow artists in differentmedia, has now realized that the artist is also apublic person. He does not work in isolation fromsociety. Instead of working alone in his ivory towerthe is a citizen of the slums, of the streets, of thebattlefield if need be. The artist is always aparticipant. He tries to be true not only to his craftbut also to himself. For it is the supreme duty of theartist to investigate the truth, no matter what forcesattempt to hide it. And then to report it to thepeople, to confront them with it, like a whiplash thatwill cause wounds but will free the mind from thevarious fantasies and escapist fare that theEstablishment pollutes our minds with.To the best of our abilities, and even if weoftentimes fail, we want to do works that will hurt,films that will disturb, films that will not make yourest. For the times are really bad, and given timeslike these, it is a crime to rest. We can not rest,and we should not, while theres a fellow Filipinostarving in Negros, an Aquino or Galman crying for garbage while a corrupt family rules the countrywithuncontrolled power and wealth. While it is the dutyofthe artist to work for what is true, good, andbeautiful, first we have to expose and fight what iswrong.In these times when most of the media hide thetruthfrom us, when most of what we get from themedia aresilly gossip and petty flesh and sensationalizedcrimes, we go to the streets to find out whatshappening. We listen to those artists who dare risktheir lives and livelihoods, who reiterate once morethe utmost duty of the artist --- that the artist is acommitted person, that he will always take theside ofaany human being who is violated, abused,oppressed,dehumanized whatever his instrument ---the pen,thebrush, or the camera."

- Lino Brocka Artist as Citizen

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Herein-Within : my first attempt on cheezy chapters

I can't believe I've found you..finally, in this cold city.
Living uncertainly for years, and now I'm alive again as if the first time.
Yes, I believe life can't be colorful without love. I have always believed in this.
And yet as much as my faith was, there remained a deeper longing.


Rather, a love far-reaching than just two souls
A union more moving than empty melodies

Calming me, with your sweet songs and your pure innocent heart
What do you know? But make me smile, and make me sing and dance.

Whether, you and me herein-within...
Such is my shelter in you, without fear.

A new, is friend, as all takes us in better form.
Bypass our past, and shadows gleam, for darkness has its way towards the light.
Ever wheeling my fortunes and delights.

End me. You steer me away from such melancholies.
Fancy you and me once more, herein-within, endlessly forever.


Carry me now, and swiftly...we'll reel our dreams.
For in your confidence I am safe.
In your love, eternally protected.

What light and strength have you whenever I'm dazed and unknown.
Thank you for letting me shine, for letting me soar and now,
light as a feather I feel free as your gentle wind blows me high....Serene and Lovely.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


id like to love u... like the truth that will not falter, like that instant moment of feeling beautiful. like id like to love u that way.